Why Fresh?

Fresh food is what we’re all passionate about here at Pabulum, which is why we spend so much time working with our suppliers to source the best and freshest ingredients. We are proud to have achieved Food for Life Gold Award in 2014.
Chefs grating vegetables
Junk food can make you ill.....and eating too few fruit and vegetables can make you ill........ The School Food Plan Report 2013

There’s no doubt about it, fresh food is better for the body and tastes delicious too. Don't just rely on us telling you! Check out The School Food Plan - their vision is that school food in England should be flavourful fresh food as well.  Fresh food contains vitamins, minerals, and fibre all of which are required for good health.  

One of the main requirements for Food for Life Gold is 75% homemade food; Pabulum has achieved 94% fresh food including organic products and in particular does not use frozen meat. We run continuous training provided by Richard Tiley who is our Food For Life Champion.

We work closely with schools and parents to help educate the young generation on the importance of enjoying fresh food every day.            

You can find out where our food comes from on the sourcing ingredients page.