Salt and sugar statements

Learn more about what Pabulum does to reduce sugar and limit salt in their recipes.


At Pabulum we have set out a sugar reduction programme in line with the government’s expectations over the next 5 years. We plan in this business year to reduce our white granular sugar intake by 50% which will give each student an average daily intake of approximately 5% of their calorific intake, which will be in line with the government’s guidelines.

This will be done in two key ways:

1) Health by stealth - this includes making healthy sugar swaps in recipes, such as using honey or fruit and vegetables, in exchange for white granular sugar

2) Or by using sugar replacements now readily available on the market, for example, Truvia or Erythritol


At Pabulum we are often asked about salt reduction, as a fresh food company we have a strong ethos using fresh ingredients which means if we cook with only a limited amount of salt we have no salt to reduce.

We add salt to boiling pots for pasta and green vegetables, any other salt is naturally occurring as we don’t use processed ingredients within our recipes.