Our Suppliers

Our reputation rests on knowing the exact source of all of our food. This requires the strongest of relationships and so our incredible ingredients only come from trusted suppliers who meet Pabulum's simple criteria. That means they have to be: ethical, ecological and committed to the highest standards.

This means like us, they have a real respect for the environment, and a resolute dedication to quality produce. All our farms and producers must meet our standards in animal husbandry and health and safety and are assessed by our Pabulum Head of Food, Health & Safety, Environment.

Hardstones Farm

undefinedHardstones Farm is a 360 acre farm situated on the outskirts of Darlington. The farm is run by William Wardman who is responsible for the 600 cattle that are made up of excellent examples of Limousin, Simmental and Charolais Cross. Mooo-velous meat!

L J Betts Farm

L J Betts is a longstanding family business based near West Malling, Kent, producing salads and cereals. The farm today is focused on the production of wholehead and babyleaf salads, whilst also growing a range of combinable crops. Stephen Betts is the 4th generation of Betts to undefinedfarm the land and specialises in growing 20 different types of lettuce and salad leaves. They were awarded the UK salad grower of the year and grow 22 million whole heads of lettuce and 1800 tonnes of baby leaf salad over the summer. Along with 85 years of family experience and knowledge, Stephen runs the company according to their values of integrity, respect, quality, reliability and innovation.

L J Betts supply all of our little gem and iceberg lettuces throughout the summer months.

Crown Poultry

Crown Poultry is located at Weybread in Suffolk. They also own their own milling site based in Kenninghall, currently producing 4,000 tonnes per week of top quality animal feed for their flocks. The mill complies with modern traceability requirements, and is able to offer G.M. free product assurances to its customers. Crown Poultry have some of the lowest food miles in the industry. The majority of their rearing farms are within 30 minutes travelling time of the hatchery and within one hour of the production site. They are very proud of the fact that they are not only eco-friendly but are also very welfare conscious – making sure journeys for their live birds are stress-free and short. Happy chickens!

Europa Nurseries

This is a tomato farm run by Chris Baldwin in Godstone. The heritage mix which they have produced over the last few years gives the tomatoes a broad mix of colour, texture, size and flavour. All the tomatoes produced by Europa have high brix values which indicate good sucrose levels. Chris has worked at this site for 20 years and has certainly seen some changes. The site currently has greenhouses covering 57,000 square feet, and they are packed full of tomatoes. The site has over 200 employees during the growing season which starts in February and finishes in December. The green houses are heated by a state of the art new heating system powered by two Rolls Royce jet engines, as well as heating the greenhouses this system powers 15,000 local homes as well. It is key for the growth and yield that the tomatoes are kept at the optimum conditions, Chris and his team manage a computerised system for controlling the temperature and the watering system within the greenhouses. The plants are under constant threat of attack from pests such as white fly, the team control these pests by introducing a predatory pest to control these. Even the pollination is controlled and the greenhouses have several colonies of bees who ensure every flower is pollinated so a tomato can grow. By using the technology available Europa can grow tomatoes the whole year around.


Our apples and strawberries are from Newlands Farm in Teynham. The farm has been in the Boucher family for three generations producing apples, pears, blackcurrants and delicious strawberry’s. It is great to see and taste the produce, and see that journey “farm to fork”. Owner, Fiona Bucher and her family recently invested money into the farm and had a huge new sorting area built with 5 new cold stores. By using the latest technology  CA storage, apples are sealed in an environment that is around 2 percent oxygen where temperature, humidity, nitrogen and carbon dioxide are all carefully regulated. This means that the apples can be stored longer and Foodari will be able to stock Newslands Farm apples until July next year. This is great news for food miles as up until a few years ago English apples were finished by late February and apples were imported from the southern hemisphere. The strawberries are packed with flavour and very sweet, making them very popular with our customers. Even Henry VIII once farmed fruit there!