Our Chefs

We’ve got a fantastic team of development chefs including Jack Sykes and Richard Tiley who are all based at the Pabulum Cookery School. This is where all the Pabulum chefs go through extensive training and our range of delicious, healthy dishes are created.
Chef juggling whisks
School cooks are expected to do something complex; serve children healthy meals that taste great. Pabulum Chefs make sure they do so with great training!

Before any school meal recipe is introduced into your school it’s been thought out, prepared, tested and sampled by one of our experienced Pabulum chefs. It’s the little details that can make the difference whether it’s putting grated carrot in pizza dough for added goodness or adding a little bit of spice to our naanwiches for additional flavour.

chefs in fieldOur menus change regularly and we have theme days and promotions throughout the year so it’s vital that all Pabulum school cooks receive regular and ongoing training from our Development Chef Team.

In addition to Jack and Richard, we have a dedicated Development Chef for each of our six regions; a total of 9 deeply experienced chefs exclusively focussed on developing your menus and your school catering team.