Centres of Excellence

A Centre of Excellence is a school where Pabulum delivers the highest quality of food, exceeds the marketing/branding standards and has the right training systems in place for no less than 100% compliance at any time.
We have a much wider choice on our menus with plenty of innovative & healthy dishes to choose from. Chris Holt, Premises Manager, Rickmansworth School

Pabulum chefsAll of this can only be achieved if the team has a true safety culture in place and 100% food safety and HSE compliance

We have nominated seven secondary schools that are geographically dispersed within a 125 mile radius of the Pabulum Head Office in Fleet, Hampshire.  These Centres of Excellence provide the focal point for all new Pabulum employees to witness best practise.  As part of their induction training, a new Unit Manager will attend the Centres of Excellence for 2 weeks to view and participate in everything we do.