Our Fresh Food

Fresh Food promoting British produce, avoiding processed and frozen products, knowing the provenance of all our food and made from scratch each day by qualified chefs.

A three-course commitment to quality that's always been our pledge from day one. Culinary and catering excellence with all the trimmings! For anyone and everyone, inclusive of their allergies, intolerances or religious beliefs.

Every aspect of the Pabulum eating experience revolves around the freshest ingredients, sourced from local suppliers who share our ethos and ethics on sustainability and fairness in trade.

But, we also grasp that we're only as good as our last mouthful, so that's why we go above and beyond to bring the best food to our clients and their customers. This means a bi-monthly cook up of ideas between our head honchos and kitchen wizards to innovate and anticipate food trends. Our cookery school tests every recipe to guarantee their greatness and our Centres of Excellence monitor and motivate our staff to be their brightest.

We go above and beyond the Government food standards which is why we were so proud to receive our first Soil Association Food for Life Gold Award in 2014. We achieved this award using only fresh food, ensuring that we did not loose sight of our company standards. 94% of our food is freshly prepared on site every day, using 75% British produce and no frozen or processed foods.