School Testimonials

We asked some of our customers what they think of the Pabulum way: fresh food, sourced sustainably and served with a smile! You can find out their views below.

Assistant Headteacher - Calthorpe Park School

With a strap-line of honestly good food, Calthorpe Park School had high expectations of Pabulum when they started their catering service with us. Without question they have improved the food provision in our café. They have given us a wide range of menu options, set a high standard of presentation, and very importantly provided good nutritionally balanced food for our students and staff. The fresh food concept is evident in many ways, including the popular salad bar. We chose Pabulum as a local company and also for their obvious commitment to providing a sound commercial service. Very quickly, we were finding the number of students purchasing a main plated meal in the café had increased by about 75%.

Deputy Head - Bullers Wood School

Obviously we are impressed by Pabulum's commitment to providing healthy meals to our students, but what's equally important is the company's expertise and understanding of the education sector and its innovative approach to delivery. We are pleased to be working with a partner that brings ideas and solutions to the table, as much as we are their delicious food.

Director of Business Operations - Wembley High

We were looking to renew our catering contract and were initially interested in introducing a more varied and nutritionally well balanced meal offering to students. Pabulum's commitment to providing fresh meals from local, sustainably sourced produce was therefore immediately attractive to us and once we met the team, it became clear that their service ethic is as strong as their commitment to good food, so the "decision making" process became much easier. We are happy to be working with Pabulum; their energy and collaborative approach is refreshing and exciting. The students are delighted with their new catering options.

Business Manager - Hardenhuish School

Everyone is really committed to the concept of "Honestly Good Food", their enthusiasm is infectious and their knowledge very reassuring, their approach sits very well with the school's own commitment to local quality control.

Head Teacher - Croydon

We're delighted to be working with Pabulum. The company's energy and collaborative approach is refreshing and exciting and the food's great, too. The pupils are very happy with their dining options.