Independent Schools

Being a medium-sized and regional company gives us the flexibility to provide each school with a customised approach to school food. This allows us to shape our service to meet your own needs and demands.
Children feeding animals
Their approach sits very well with the school's own commitment to local quality control.

Our commercial approach brings a strong financial performance and service to the Independent market, offering a home from home dining experience for your pupils. 

The reduction of food waste, the desire to offer older pupils a high street like food experience, the current popularity of cooking, baking, superfoods and a desire to celebrate overseas cuisine all feature in our tasty initiatives. 

The rise of the 6th form café concept (ilovecoffee) is proving extremely popular because it offers a wide range of benefits. 

In our independent schools we provide a 52 week operation so that we can support your needs all year round.

We are passionate about using healthy cooking practices, promoting a balanced diet and using ingredients which are sustainably and ethically sourced. We are unique in that we have dedicated regional development chefs to get children excited about food.