Watford Grammar School for Boys

Pabulum has provided the catering services at Watford Grammar School for Boys since August 2011. We won the competitive tender with a bid that truly captured our core values; great customer service, value for money, fresh and good quality food, a huge emphasis on student wellbeing, and an unwavering focus to build a strong partnership with the school and all its stakeholders.


1,300 students

Cooking time:

Length of contract 5 years

The key ingredients:

WGS wanted to work with a partner who would engage with the whole school, its governors, leadership team, teachers and the students in providing healthy options. They wanted student-focused food, to be in keeping with the ethos of the school and to increase sales and customer satisfaction!


By totally revitalising the food service, catering team and the restaurant in our first year we have increased sales by 30%, increased the uptake of students by 12% and delivered a healthy profit to the school.

In late 2014 we installed our first Pabulum premium brand coffee shop (ilovecoffee) to the Watford Boys 6th form and it has been a huge success since opening. 


If you’d like to find out how Pabulum school meals can be served in your school please get in touch via our contact us page.