Healthy Bunch

We would like to introduce you to the Healthy Bunch. Here you can learn more about the characters you may see on your school menus or on posters at school lunchtime.
Dizzy Dog says “Meat has protein which is important to help you grow.”

Dizzy DogThese six farmyard friends work together to help teach children in local Primary Schools about vitamins and minerals which are found in different foods.

The Healthy Bunch says "Vitamins and minerals are in the food we eat, they are very good for you and help to keep you healthy and strong. It is very important that we eat lots of these vitamins and minerals to keep fighting fit!"

Learn the names of each of the characters below and see what they can teach you and your friends.

We have created some colouring sheets which pupils can download and complete either at home or school.

Download Key Stage 1 Colouring Sheet

Download Key Stage 2 Colouring Sheet