Learning about Healthy Food

The team at Pabulum believes that school meals are about more than the food on the plate. That’s why we invest so much time into educating pupils and families about healthy lifestyles. Here are just a few examples of the work we do to educate pupils on healthy lifestyles:
Children in sacks

The Healthy Bunch

These school meals mascots were created to help make lunchtimes fun for Primary School pupils. Characters range from Harry Horse to Hilda Hen and each one promotes a different health benefit, whether it’s the importance of eating fibre or what Vitamin A can do for your body. You can find out more about the Healthy Bunch here.

Educating about food

undefinedOur 9 development chefs regularly work with schools to run food workshops which help pupils learn about different food items and their benefits. For example, we recently invited Primary School pupils to a farm where they saw 14 different varieties of lettuce. They learnt how earth is prepared for sowing the seeds, how the Farm cares and waters the produce and finally how they harvest them.

Supporting school events

Being part of each school community is really important to Pabulum which is why our team attends as many school events as possible. We recently attended the 100th birthday celebration of one of our schools and served a barbecue for 1500 pupils, parents, staff, governors, and representatives from the local authority including the Mayor of Southend!

A hands on approach

Shenfield High with vegetablesWe actively encourage schools to run their own gardens on school grounds and we use their ingredients in our dishes. At Shenfield High School we have jointly developed both a vegetable garden, and more recently a full herb garden. This has enabled Shenfield High to work towards obtaining its own Food for Life School accreditation.

Supporting future chefs

We run a mentoring scheme for schools, working with head teachers and teaching staff to encourage young people to find the love for cooking. Our very own Executive Chef has also created a Student Survival Guide, aimed at sixth form leavers going onto University. This helps them to learn the basic skills needed to budget and cook for themselves. 

During 2015/2016 Pabulum will be introducing its very own Apprenticeship Scheme for future chefs and front of house service experts.