Well done to Jenni McWilliam

We wanted to put the spotlight on one of our staff members at Head Office. Jenni McWilliam joined Pabulum as the Finance Manager last summer. The DNA of all our Pabulum team is a strong work ethic and Jenni goes beyond that.
Jenni McWilliam

She tirelessly applies herself to every detail of her work. Her real strength is the relationship building with each of our clients – from organising Finance Days for our new business clients through to resolving invoicing issues. Jenni is a masterclass in diplomacy, honesty and a wonderful welcome to all she meets. But this is not just with clients! She has also quickly built a strong and professional relationship with our Operations Managers and Unit Managers, helping them understand every aspect of the finances and cashless catering systems. During this short period with us, she even had time to get married! Jenni is a great example of living the Innovation Value.