Recognising positive dining behaviour

We talk a lot about the importance of educating children and young people to have positive dining experiences. Displaying table manners and respectable dining etiquette are vital skills that will play an important part both at school and into adulthood.

We were delighted to hear about a new initiative at Lake Farm Academy. This school is part of the Park Federation which includes six Primary Schools in the Slough and Hillingdon Boroughs.  

Catering Manager, Debbie Callinan and Ann Crawford SMSA Supervisor, have worked with the school’s Headteacher, Craig Horseman to introduce a certificate for ‘Behaviour Stars of the Week’.  This weekly award goes to the class who most demonstrates impeccable manners and good behaviour in the dining room.

The certificate has caused much excitement on a Friday when it is presented to the wining class. Well done to the Squirrel Class, who last week received the certificate from Debbie and Deputy Headteacher, Jeni Blair.

Debbie Callinan said “It has had a positive effect on children at lunchtime. Simply introducing a weekly award has really made the pupils think about how they behave in the dining hall. It’s fantastic that the school has allowed us to recognise the effort the pupils are making in this way.”