Can you name 14 different types of lettuces?

Twelve Key Stage 2 pupils from Northumberland Heath Primary School in Erith were invited by School Catering provider, Pabulum to visit Betts Farm in West Malling, Kent.
Pupils on the Lettuce Farm

undefinedNorthumberland Heath’s pupils are enthusiastic young gardeners who grow a large range of produce and flowers in their own School grounds.

Betts Farm manager Nick Ottewell spent the day with pupils, staff and Pabulum representatives showing the 14 varieties of lettuce which are grown on the Farm. Nick explained how earth is prepared for sowing the seeds, how the Farm cares and waters the products and finally how they harvest them. Nick explained how they manage the quality of the soil, by growing wheat and arable crop the soil had the opportunity to recover the minerals it needs to grow the salad crops.

Along the way the pupils tasted each variety of lettuce and Nick gave them tips about how to remember their names. They also had an opportunity to work with a team of pickers and take part in the harvesting process aboard the loading trailer. After a picnic lunch the visit was finished off with a tractor ride and quiz.

Richard Tiley, Pabulum’s Senior Development Chef, undefinedcommented
“The combined efforts of Coastline Supplies, Betts Farm and Pabulum ensures that pupils have great opportunities to learn about fresh food. We are passionate about what we do under our Continuous Improvement Programme and there is nothing better than working with Schools to create a fun-filled day which also improves the pupil’s knowledge”