A word from our Managing Director, Nelson Williams

One of the great challenges in this modern, fast paced world we live in now, is to find time to reflect and celebrate success with our people who are our most cherished asset.
Nelson Williams

So what a fantastic year for Pabulum 2015-2016 was. We achieved our business targets, improved our staff retention rate by 5%, opened 19 schools and 1 college, achieved 85% business retention (it was 69% 4 years ago), managed the introduction of the National Living Wage, moved our IT storage from Fleet to the cloud in Canary Wharf, commenced the new IT infrastructure in our schools, opened our training Centres of Excellence (we have 12) and launched our CIP – Continuous Improvement Programme.

Celebrating success comes in many guises and not just financial reward. A party, our Meet 2016 where we celebrate our success through the people awards, communicating in our monthly newsletter "Honestly Good News" and our termly newsletter "Fresh Bites" therefore our success is enjoyed by everyone, we can all feel good about ourselves and know the value we all bring to Pabulum.

We are very proud to live and breathe our values everyday: 

Passion logo

Our enthusiasm drives the way we work and we believe that by working together and being transparent we will build long lasting relationships.


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We are committed to sourcing ingredients, which are fresh, wholesome and ethical, creating dishes that are a feast for the senses.


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 We believe in the benefits of continuous staff development and the promotion of healthy eating.



Our goal is to become a leader in our field by pioneering new ideas with the vision and dedication to see them through. Whilst we are now very busy looking for further success in 2016-2017, we do need to find time now to celebrate. And we are!

So what are our objectives for this year?

Well of course, to once again achieve our business targets, further improve our staff retention, become one of the best "30 places to work in hospitality", continue to drive the children/ student uptake numbers in all our schools by keeping to our values around fresh food, which represents excellent value for money. The schools continue to see improved attainment levels supported by our food offer and we continue to deliver additional income to them.

We must never lose sight of our values and most importantly what makes us want to do the very best for all our customers, children, students and all the hardworking staff in our schools.

Our Vision Statement keeps us focused:

"To be at the forefront of improving the next generation’s health and well being, by shaping the food culture in Education that inspires a passion and love of fresh food – without compromise."

But our success will always be down to our people, the respect we have for each other, the hard work and commitment we give to Pabulum and the want to continually do our very best for our customers, makes us who we are today.

Stand tall and stand proud.