A recipe you can cook at home

We've been asking our chefs to send us recipes of dishes they cook at home for their family. First up is one from our executive head chef, Jack Sykes.

Last night I was rustling around in the fridge and I threw together a Pork Ragu with Gnocchi.  I had bought some pre made gnocchi as a good mid week fridge filler for the family, and the rest was really simple.

In a thick bottomed pot a splash of olive oil once hot, I added my pork shoulder steaks (a really cheap cut) and a sliced onion.  I left it to brown for 2 to 3 minutes turning the steaks and then put the lid on for a further 5 mins.

Next I added sliced peppers, garlic, mushrooms (you can add any other leftovers you fancy - we put in some cooked sausage pieces).  I also add some ground smoked paprika, cumin, coriander and mixed herbs.

Then I left it to sweat for a further five minutes and after that added tinned tomatoes (or you can use passata – my 9 year old doesn’t like chunks of tomato but will eat them pureed).

Now leave to simmer for as little as 25 mins but ideally as long as possible. Finish with a little fresh basil or sage if you have some.  Now serve it with anything, such as pasta, rice, potatoes  or in my case gnocchi.

This is a really tasty one pot wonder (or slow cooker) for the family and is great for left overs.  Remember today's dinner could be tomorrows pasta sauce for the children.