2016 The Year Ahead

As a business I feel we should always make time to self-reflect. It’s important to ask some key questions. We need to consider where we are as a business, how well are we doing and what our staff are feeling. We must look to the future too and ask ourselves what this looks like and what does it look like for our clients?
Nelson Williams

I took some time over the Christmas holidays to reflect and I’d like to share some of these thoughts with you here.

Introducing children to good food – it’s our responsibility

At Pabulum we are an Education Caterer. We serve fresh food, made fresh every day, by highly skilled chefs that deliver bags of personality, we promote British produce and we know the provenance of all our food, we keep to local suppliers that use seasonal ingredients and we provide an excellent customer journey. In other words, nothing less than what the children and students would expect, after all we have a huge responsibility by introducing them to good food, a warm customer service, whilst promoting their health and well-being.

I believe what underpins this is our Vision Statement:

“To be at the forefront of improving the next generation’s health and well-being, by shaping the food culture in Education that inspires a passion and love of fresh food – without compromise”.

Working with those who share our values

We are very proud to say all our schools are either “good” or “outstanding” in Ofsted which tells us they have strong leadership teams that will support Pabulum’s vision and work with us in delivering an excellent healthy nutritious meal to as many children/students as possible. So first and foremost, we must always look after the schools we have in our portfolio, (we only operate within a 125 mile radius of our office in Fleet, Hampshire) as we are very proud to be their catering partners. Our reputation and brand values are paramount and we only look to build on our portfolio of schools who are like minded.

We never lose sight of how important our existing customers are to us. Year on year we have achieved over 6% organic growth in our existing business, so we know these principles work for us.

Pride in our people

At Pabulum our most important asset is our people. We have recently undergone a journey to become an employer of choice, whereby we can attract the best people to our business and ensure their journey with us is one of fulfilment. So what does it look like for someone that works at Pabulum?

When you start with us you spend the first two weeks at one of our training Centres of Excellence, so you can visualise and understand entirely what the Pabulum offer is all about. You will have lived and breathed our values and take them back to your place of work.

Once you have settled in you will participate in our reward and recognition scheme, have an annual appraisal, your own personalised training plan, receive a monthly newsletter, attend our annual conference and perhaps most importantly, be able to influence the journey Pabulum takes through the monthly communication meeting. Outside of that we don’t deny it’s not a challenging environment, particularly when we have high expectations, but there will be a real sense of achievement, whilst having a lot of fun at the same time.

A strong partner in challenging times

We know our clients are working in very demanding environments and above everything else, they want to do their very best for the children/students. Our role is to support them in achieving this, not only through attainment, but supporting the school curriculum in promoting the health and well-being of every child.

It is also a very challenging time for schools as funding has dried up. We do see ourselves as strong commercial partners, which means if we get the offer right and deliver excellent value for money, we will drive footfall through the dining rooms which will deliver income to the school.

Final thoughts and the future

It’s a little too cliché to say we will be the best at what we do. I like see it in a very different way, we will be very honest about what we do and how we strive to do our very best for our staff, our customers, the young people we serve and all the stakeholders in Education.

For everyone at Pabulum, there is a wonderful opportunity to influence and educate the future generations, we are all in a very privileged position and we should be mindful of this.

Looking to the future, we must continue our efforts and build on the successes of 2015. At the end of each day we should all ask ourselves, did we do our very best? If the answer is yes, we should feel immensely proud.