One of our biggest motivators at Pabulum is to be that little bit better in everything we do. For us, corporate and social responsibility is about us dishing out a generous portion of goodwill and kindness, and trading fairly in everything we do.
Chef holding vegetables

Stirring for a better world


Each year we are making a charitable commitment to the Red Balloon charity, based in Reading, which is one of a number of educational centres established to aid children who have been the victims of severe bullying. The wonderful work done at these centres helps to recover confidence and those all-important lost laughs. We have raised money by rounding up a group of runners to enter in the local Fleet half marathon, holding bake sales in our head office and organising local events in our sites, including a recent "wear your onesie to school day".


We have a strong sense of responsibility when it comes to serving up fresh food to our customers, and we also understand the importance of provenance, sustainability and animal welfare.

Eggs are a vital element of so many of the delicious meals we serve and in our eyes, the only way for chickens to range is freely. The thought of happy chickens makes our food taste even better. As passionate supporters of the Good Egg Award, Pabulum is delighted to be one of their celebrated companies, and we help them in their quest to raise industry standards for animal welfare.

Find out more on how we're always working to keep our planet healthy and our people happy in our CSR policy.

Natural thinking

We are committed to recycling as much food waste as possible and are continuing our transformation towards a zero landfill approach. Working alongside WRAP we help students develop knowledge of the impact on the environment. 

We never stop trying to do better when it comes to our environment - view our Policy to find out more.